Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology provides effective 24/7 product protection against microbes that may cause degradation, stains or odors.

Biomaster is easily incorporated into any plastic, textile, paper, paint or coating, making it an integral part of the manufacturing process and finished product.

Biomaster ensures effective antimicrobial product protection for the effective lifetime of the product.

In order to guarantee optimum performance, Biomaster takes a custom approach to every project. Each formulation is uniquely blended to suit a specific end application, with its effectiveness confirmed by independent laboratories before it enters the production process.

Biomaster pioneered the development of permanent antimicrobial product protection into new substrates such as plastics, coatings, textiles and paint and continues to create innovative technologies that provide long-term defense against bacteria that causes degradation, discoloration, mold and mildew.

Add value to your product range by contacting Biomaster - the experts in antimicrobial technology.

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